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リーフロゴ 英会話スクール(英会話教室)&英会話カフェNative English-speakers wanted!



+Color is a place where both serious English students and the simply curious can gather
to learn and enjoy English conversations in a casual setting.We are currently seeking part-time, "Chat Hosts".
The purpose of this position is to facilitate conversations and help improve their listening and speaking skills.


Our Cafe is a mere 5 minute walk from Hommachi Station(Yotsubashi Line),
or a 6 minute amble from Awaza Station(Chuo Line), in front of beautiful Ustubo Park.

Hours of Operation

1pm. to 10pm.

Applicant Requirements

1)Current residence in Japan
2)Possess a valid work visa
3)Be a friendly and punctual Native speaker

We look forward to your application!

Pleasse send us your resume or cv writing the following items.

  • 1)Full name
  • 2)Date of birth
  • 3)Nationality
  • 4)Residence
  • 5)Type of visa
  • 6)Your photo
リーフロゴ 英会話スクール(英会話教室)&英会話カフェ